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Event Inactive: Cookie Couture x Kremwerk present: Baked Goods! at Kremwerk is marked as inactive. This event was automatically deactivated at the beginning of the pandemic. If it has started again, let us know!

"If you thought you were done with Cookie Couture when she and Halfway Haus concluded their reign of Art Haus 3.0, you were wrong. And how happily wrong you were. This week, Cookie presents Baked Goods!, an ongoing monthly series full of funny, campy queens and kings like Honey Bucket, Irene DuBois, LaSaveona Hunt, Mona Real, Uh-Oh!, and Miss Kitty Francia. Keep your eye on Mona Real. Someone in the scene described her to me as "What would happen if Divine walked into Fremont Vintage," and subsequent YouTube rabbit holes confirm this to be 100 percent accurate." - Rich Smith, The Stranger


Occurred on the third Friday of the month.


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Event added: Before 2019, updated: 2022-04-27

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