Welcome to KikiPedia! (AKA KikiPaedia)

KikiPedia is a semi-crowdsourced, location-based web app that helps the LGBTQ+ community find nearby bars, events, and safe spaces. So obviously we need your location in some way shape or form for this page to work.

(We do not track your location)

If you can't use GPS, select a city:

Keep in mind that this application is still in development, and will change greatly as development cycles continue. There are only 2 main people working on this; our resources are limited. We are focussing on features and design rather than coverage at the moment. The only reason we don't have the kikipedia domain is because somebody is parked on it and this site doesn't bring in any money and therefore does not justify spending thousands of dollars on that.

More Cities:

Allows access to KikiPedia without location services; functionality may be limited or less useful, but you don't have to spoof location to see other cities.

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