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"Who the f*ck are you?" -Mackenzie Zales
If for some reason you want us to get back to you, be sure to provide a way to do so.

Include the place's name, address, and a detailed description. It also helps to include if this is a big club, a dive bar, a cabaret bar, one of those bars that's not necessarily a gay bar but gays take over all the time, and stuff like that. Can I get head in the bathroom there? Do they have food? Will there be drag queens? Is it a strip club? A bath house?Specify which bar or venue (name, city, state) and what you want changed. (ie: Give us a new description, don't just complain about what's there. Chances are we didn't add it ourselves.)There's a different submission page for this, but I guess if your venue isn't here, you can use this. Include the name of the event, who hosts/promotes it, the venue(s), when/how often it happens, a detailed description, and whatever other details you can think of. A link to a Facebook page would be great too.Specify which event (name, venue, city, state) and what you want changed.Include a link to a video, show/season/episode, a vivid description, and a FUCKING TIMECODE! Also any subtitle text.Include a way to recreate the issue, as well as the device/browser/versions you are using. Sorry we fucked up (unless it was you being stupid or a caching issue; try shift+F5 or something).We have a lot on the backlog, but feel free. Keep in mind that you give up ownership of your idea(s) when you provide them.Please specify which bar/club/venue closed (ie: name, city, state/province/country), and when it closed (if possible).Type your message here. Don't forget to include your contact info if you want us to follow up!