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Starts: Sunday November 29th, 01:00 AM
Ends: Sunday November 29th, 04:00 AM
Recurs Every Other Week

CORONATION is created and hosted by Davey Swinton, a world traveling circus and drag performer. Davey has chosen Mr. Mo B. Dick, famed drag legend to co-host this event. That's right, with two kings at the helm, hilarity ensues.

CORONATION is made up of global talent that represents the magic of the LGBTQIA community, a royal court of sorts, that does not bow to hierarchies of other entertainment platforms or gatekeepers. In fact, this is a full blown entertainment revolution that calls out to diverse beings to express themselves in ways they are usually limited or categorized.

Many of these performers are currently in dire need because of World Quarantine 2020, and this show allows performers to receive donations for the years of work they have put into their craft, and new work they are creating. Feed the artists and give what you can in advance, and during the show as you watch live!

Saturday, April 18th 8-10pm EST - Just click on
(no need to register as a user)

and pull that phone out to make donations and follow these artists!

Donate anytime at$coronationshow. or