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Dungeons and Dropkicks: A Virtual Wrestling RPG Event

Streamed on Twitch
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Starts: Monday May 18th, 12:00 AM
Ends: Monday May 18th, 03:00 AM
Past Event

Hello! We are the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers, a grassroots wrestling promotion that celebrates gender identities and expressions that are often marginalized, demonized, or omitted from mainstream wrestling. Earlier this year, we secured our dream of having a more permanent studio and training center. Unfortunately, our main revenue we use to pay for our studio is our live shows, which are on hold for the foreseeable future.

We all miss our skin to skin punchies, and while there's no replacing the thrilling action of a live BLOWW wrestling show we are gonna do our darndest to entertain you with DUNGEONS AND DROPKICKS, our very first virtual wrestling RPG fantasy extravaganza!

Your favorite wrestlers will be fully immersed in the wild world of DnD, where Krystal Ora will roll for dexterity to weasel her way out of Shiela's camel clutch, Pammy will use her fanny pack held item to hit her puffer for +2 constitution, or Rat King will pray for low numbers as he attempts to body slam the unshakeable Meathead Marla - all in the virtual realm! Reffing and DMing the madness will be our dear Kyle Coston, long time friend of the league, and of course we'll still be featuring a half time show filled with the other DnDs - Drag and Debauchery - including performances from BLOWWlumni Clara Blows and Leather Pixie, and original music from our own Black Wednesday.

The show will happen on, and while there's no requirement of payment, we do ask that you donate the cost of a ticket, or more if you can, and we will return the favor by providing you with online content in the meantime and a triumphant return to wrestling when it is safe to do so! 100% of donations we receive will go towards paying rent on our studio.

Queer representation in sports is so important. That's why we carved our own path to the squared circle, so we can fight each other on our own terms, creating our own culture, and our own community. We are so deeply grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our fans in the past - it has proven to us that what we are doing is worth doing. Right now, our mission is a little harder to achieve, and requires the support of our entire gay village, to continue existing. Any amount helps, and is a much needed note of encouragement from our community.

You can donate to our GoFundMe here:

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Added: 2020-05-10 20:38:12 UTC