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Full Spin: Queen's "Greatest Hits"

Streamed on Twitch
Starts: Wednesday August 19th, 01:00 AM
Ends: Wednesday August 19th, 02:30 AM
Past Event

Join us for a very special edition of FULL SPIN! The drag kings have taken over and are here to serve Queen's "Greatest Hits" while raising money for The Trevor Project! Each FULL SPIN show creates a visual album of non-stop drag, presenting an uninterrupted, song-by-song celebration of an iconic album.
This time, we’re welcoming guest host Travis Tí Stone and an incredible cast of drag kings:
Spikey Van Dykey
Andro Gin
Davey Swinton
Sham Payne
Dustin Schlong
Throb Zombie
Shawty West
MT Hart
Glenn Coco
Rusty Hammer
Leo Crayz
Mike Hawk
Chris Griandher
Helixir Jynder Byntwell
Degrassi Knoll

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Added: 2020-08-14 14:36:36 UTC