High Contrast

Streams on Twitch
Starts: Friday November 13th, 02:00 AM
Ends: Friday November 13th, 03:30 AM
Happens monthly on the second Thursday of the month (in the event's origin timezone, EST).

Ever have someone tell you that you look EXACTLY like someone they know? Do you ever see a picture of someone from another place, another time, another world and think they're the spitting image of yourself? This month for HIGH CONTRAST we're diving into the world of Doppelgängers, the twin that you never knew you had. Come get into some double trouble for Lola's Birthday as well!
With performances by:
👯‍♀️Mary Vice
👯‍♀️Coco Buttah
👯‍♀️Nia Politan
👯‍♀️Lisa Frankenstein