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the 3 C's: Connection. Communication. Covid19.

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Starts: Thursday January 28th, 12:30 AM
Ends: Thursday January 28th, 02:00 AM
Past Event

Presented by the Museum of Science (Boston) SubSpace Series

Cost: Free with Pre-Registration

Emi Grate, Miss Brooklyn Pride 2020, Multi-Media Queer Artist, and Producer of A+ Drag Show the (for 2020, Global) Pan-Asian Drag Review;

Luminous Pariah, globe trotting interdisciplinary cabaret performance artist from Seattle, WA who was on the ground in Capital Hill as a volunteer street medic during the summer Black Lives Matter protests;

Nüqueer Power, Multidisciplinary Producer, Musician, Drag King, Chronically Creative Artist, and Host for the evening (Boston, MA);

Christina Cole, Head of Documentation for the global initiative to connect maker spaces & independent fabricators with scientifically vetted schematics, enabling the ability to locally create critically needed PPE during unforeseen shortages: Open Source Medical Supplies (Bay Area, CA);

Bar Director for the worker-ownership team at Tanám Narrative Cuisine, Founder of BarNoirBoston, and current President of the Greater Boston Chamber of Cooperatives Kyisha Davenport (Boston, MA);

And many more, presenting their solo and combined experiences.


The tensions that erupted in 2020 as the world faced a global pandemic, together and separately, can be felt in the strained relationship between three words…
Connection. Communication. COVID-19.

Storytellers, musicians, artists and artisans, makers, activists, and the diverse voices of our communities come together for the exploration of these themes. Part live performance, part interview, our own stories will be interwoven with music, poetry, and movement, to express the inexpressible of an impossible year.

As talking face to face, being physically close to one another, playing music, and performing together became an action that could literally risk one’s life…
How do we connect?
How do we communicate?
How have these operations been changed and challenged by COVID-19?

A remembrance of what we’ve lost, a celebration of what we will always have. This one-hour event will be, as much as life is, what we make of it.

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