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NOSTALGIA Online Brunch!

Streamed on Twitch
Starts: Sunday March 14th, 04:00 PM
Ends: Sunday March 14th, 06:00 PM
Past Event

Good MOORRRNINGGGGG /alarmclocknoises
It's finally here! The cartoon drag brunch of your childhood dreams has finally arrived! So put on some coffee, keep your stove on standby, and feast your eyes on our delectable cast of performers. Am I feeling the warm fuzzies, or is that just the TV resolution? You'd better hide the remote before someone skips the commercials!!
Featuring Performances by your favourite Toons:
GEI PING HOHL as The afternoon coffee you didn't need but desperately craved
ANITA OTTER as The bottomless mimosa you only thought existed in legends
TOP RAWMEN as The second plate of food that leaves you feeling STUFFED
MILKSHOOK as The sugary cereal your parents still wont buy you
PLUS --> "Cook-Along" with our Host,
BOM BAE - Toronto's only part time game-show-host and full time Muppet. It's not even a brunch pun it's just the facts.

This is a FREE event on Twitch that would not be possible without the amazing support from Glad Day Bookshop and The House Royale ❤ Offering a hundred thousand thank you's for helping support queer art throughout this pandemic.


Added: 2021-03-06 14:46:45 UTC