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Iconography: Janelle Monae

Streamed on Twitch
Starts: Sunday April 18th, 02:00 AM
Ends: Sunday April 18th, 03:30 AM
Past Event

Iconography is a new monthly digital series focusing on spotlighting the many, many Black icons of music and have influenced so many countless artists.
The show features an all BIPOC cast and a specific focus on finding, supporting and uplifting Black drag artists of all gender expression and identities.
Our first show, April, will be focused on the amazing and talented, JANELLE MONAE.
So come see this all Janelle show, starring an amazing cast:
Gothess Jasmine
Cindy Nero
Just JP
Maddy Mokes
Sapphire Rose
Nelly Beans
Eve the Bunny
Robyn DaCultyre
Esme Eventide
Rustina Phoenix-Nuttz
KaiKai Bee Michaels
Taylor Alxndr
Luc Ami
Coco Bardot
Lena Horné
And hosted by ME, Degrassi Knoll.
Suggested donation of $10 dollars, tune in early for an all Janelle DJ set.
If youre interested in having an ad or sponsoring the cast, DM me!


Added: 2021-04-11 13:10:43 UTC