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Church of the Nude

Starts: Saturday May 29th, 02:30 AM
Ends: Saturday May 29th, 03:55 AM
Past Event

The storm has been weathering us for over a year. We have fled to our strongholds and locked ourselves away. The New Gods are seizing upon this moment—some say they engineered this in a lab to their advantage—and have brought the Shard online, a digital church to draw in the faithful, to draw their power. The New Gods have created The Church of the Nude.
Come join us for worship at our sassy and clever homage to the works of Neil Gaiman, encompassing so many worlds and tales featured in comic books, novels, film, and television. His imagination has taken us from a station in deep space to beyond the wall and across the country with gods. And that’s just at the gate before we hit the road.
“Tell me, who do you worship? I imagine you must have a pretty wide-open field. So to whom do you set up your digital altar? To whom do you give your screen time? To whom do you pray to in the middle of the night on your small screen?”
Worlds’ End, The Church of the Nude is May 28th online! Hosted by Miss Violet DeVille, Bella La Blanc with performances from:
• Bella La Blanc
• Miss Violet DeVille
• Diva Disastar
• Markee de Saw
• Rosaria D'Liability
• Rosemary Maybe & Stella Cheeks
• Rye!
Tickets are $10 to $50 available at


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