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Please take a moment to read the section below about how we're trying to help the community deal with the current situation.

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A lot of places are closed, and a lot of events are cancelled; our web site may not reflect that. Here's the tea: your local artists and buisness are going to take a big hit from it. Do what you can to support them until things re-open and everyone can go out again (and then, go out in full force). Until then, Majenta with a J is compiling a list of drag artists in need here. We also created a section for service/entertainment industry and self-employed workers that out of work here. We are also compiling information on assistance funds and emergency resources here. Finally, every bar page now has a section to enter COVID-19 response details including ways to help employees and ensure that the venue can reopen.
Across the US, people in major cities and suburbs have been hearing more fireworks going off than normal. Some are formulating some interesting theories as to why this is happening. We, however, want to collect data before we draw conclusions (or help someone else draw conclusions). So while you're here, check out our new tool at Fireworks.WTF (a work in progress). And while you're at it, check out these resources to help bring #BreonnaTaylor's murderers to justice.
Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community who owns a business, runs a non-profit, produces a show, organizes a group/team, or provides some kind of product/service? Apply here today for your local biz/org/group/team/show/store to be promoted on our new local pages (a work in progress)!

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