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About KikiPedia

The T in Coont

KikiPedia is created by a singular developer based, unfortunately, in Boston, MA. Obviously, the focus is going to be on the New England area, but we're more than willing to populate it for other areas with some help from the locals.
We were born from an idea of half of the former Drunk Grindr (that one still runs the @drunkgrindr twitter).

The initial concept was "like craigslist, but for gay bars". Which we ran with until we realized the following:

1. Craigslist kinda sucks, and we don't fully want the scabies furniture/dilapidated apartment vibe.
2. Existing sites that catalog gay bars are slightly more painful to look at than ours
3. Most of our target demographic knows their way around a hookup app.
4. 35% of those people will deny ever using one.
5. 77% of those people are or were headless torsos or had no photo.

So obviously it took on this look instead (which is still very much a work in progress because UI/UX is meh).

The gay bar is an threatened species, the girl bar is an endangered species, and our trans siblings find it even harder to find safe, inclusive spaces these days.

Sometimes what people have been looking for has been under their nose the whole time.

Our goal is to help remedy this as best we can.

Let's face it. A lot of LGBTQ+ spaces cannot advertise, aren't good at advertising, or think they don't need to worry about it. On top of that, managing the big 3 (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) on top of what is probably a 10+ year old template website is a nightmare. Especially when the social media sites are actively trying to suppress you.
On the other end of the spectrum, some LGBTQ+ spaces are unable to publicly advertise, or need to make their facades discreet for the safety of their patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are you going to make this an app?
    Probably never. It's a responsively designed web page. You can add a shortcut to it to your phone's home screen and pretend it's an app.
    We'd rather focus on features, content, and cross-platform usability rather than wasting our lives being slaves to Apple and Google's strict specifications on wording, content, and censorship by any other name for the apps on their stores.
  2. How are you doing in the wake of COVID-19? Do you take donations?
    We're trying to pivot to support virtual shows and parties, while also keeping focus on the queer community that is out of work. We have a guide to live shows and parties, and every bar page now has a section for them to add links to gofundmes and such.
    In terms of donations, we don't really need them; please give them to your local queers and artists in need instead. If you REALLY want to help us, mention us in your shows and social media. The more people know about us, the more it benefits the user.
  3. A while back you were working on drag performer profiles, what happened with that?
    It got boring to work on, and based on the traffic/users/social media interaction, nobody seemed all that interested. Now there are other platforms popping up like Dragr and DragFor.Fans, which have money (ie: we can't compete with that), so we're leaning in a more diversified direction (for now). We may reconsider in the future if demand peaks. We want to shift our focus on keeping spaces alive and busy, so drag and queer culture can flourish. In collaboration with Majenta with a J from Boston, we have created a directory for drag artists in need, but we still don't see the interest.
  4. Why aren't you using the domain ""?
    Someone is parked on it. I tried going through a domain buyback program, and they wanted a few thousand for it (I don't make money doing this, so it's not worth it; I think my SEO is good enough not to have to worry). So I figured, let's wait til we're popular, register a trademark, and then try to sue for it on grounds of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.
  5. My city is not listed on your site yet! EXPLAIN!
    I mean, I can add it, but you'll have to populate it. There are very few people working on this, and we'd like to keep it that way. We want to keep it crowdsourced, but we don't want it to be a disaster, so we're still trying to find a happy medium.
  6. I don't like the description/photo/review on my bar/event! Change it!
    To change the photo of an event, there's an 'update poster' button. For venues, just tap/click the image at the top of the detail page (next to the address and such).
    To change the description of something, tap the pencil in the upper right corner of the description.
    You can't change reviews, however. We're not Yelp; you can't pay us to remove stuff (trust us, nobody reads those anyway, and we might drop them for something a bit more convenient and helpful).
  7. Why don't you just scrape events from Facebook, or crawl bars' sites?
    It's not that easy. Facebook actively tries to prevent you from doing that, and we're not about to waste resources on crawling old bar web sites made using a wordpress version from 2006. Besides, Facebook is horrible; they're the ones making it harder to promote gigs and stuff- WHY ARE YOU STILL USING THEM?!
  8. Can I help you with this?
    If you want to help compile bar/venue/event lists for different cities, please feel free. If you want to help with branding/marketing/SEO, let us know and we'll figure something out. If you want to help with coding... let's keep that to me for now- I know I may not have a lot of time, but I like this to be my playground for web development as bad as that sounds.
    Keep in mind, we're not doing this for money, so all we get is some very meager ad revenue, some of which goes to local LGBTQ events, and the rest goes to (but does not cover) hosting costs.
  9. I went to (bar name here) and it was horrible!
    We are not responsible for bad experiences. We do not guarantee the information on our site is accurate. We are not affiliated with any bars, clubs, venues, events, or organizations listed on our site unless otherwise specified.
  10. Will you promote my bar/club/event on your social media?
    Sure, but keep in mind, we're currently helping y'all for free, so the LEAST you can do is promote us to your patrons. You wouldn't believe how many people just send us a blast of event posters every week, then MAYBE return the favor with a story share (the lowest of impression value). So if we're going to promote for you, you could at least promote for us.
  11. I sent you an event flyer on Instagram; will you promote for me? ♥ ;) can you update the photo for my event?
    You can do that yourself. We love you, but we have neither the time nor the resources to manage your events and watch your feeds. If you can post on social media all the time, you can take care of this too. Just go to or search for your event, then find and click on this button:
  12. Are you going to add bath houses or cruising locations to this?
    Bath houses are a maybe. Underground "secret location" parties are in the discovery phase. Cruising locations are a no; you can use Squirt (despite how out-of-date its description for MA is) or Sniffies. If they want to collab and integrate, they can contact me.
  13. An event you have here isn't on the associated bar's web site. Is it happening?
    Have you checked their Facebook events? Don't have a Facebook (good for you)? A lot of the time, a bar's site isn't up to date (and sometime's that's obvious). Sometimes their Facebook is a better bet for new events. If you're not sure, I'm sure you can find some way to contact the bar/venue to verify. We try to keep our events up-to-date, but, as we said earlier in here, we can't verify anything is 100% accurate, and we are not responsible for keeping it up-to-date ourselves. If a venue wants their stuff to be up-to-date, they can contact us regarding their events and such.
  14. You have a place on your site, it has events assigned to it, but it's not showing up in the bar grid. OR I tried adding a venue, but I got an alert that it already exists, but I can't find it (or didn't search for it).
    Some places are flagged as event-only venues. We have yet to really open up the categorization system, but what this essentially means is any of the following:
    1. This place is not specifically designated as an LGBTQ+ bar/club, but a queer party may be hosted here regularly, or was at one time.
    2. This place is a concert venue or theater and is only used for scheduled events (Like Oberon).
    3. This place is not open except for specific events (yes, I know Ego and Legacy are in there, but they're intended to be specifically gay clubs)
    4. This place is some random outdoor location that is or was used for block parties or street fairs.
    If you have attempted to add a place that already existed with this flag, contact us via social media or email, and we can discuss switching it over.


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