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New Venue Form

Fill out this form to add a venue to our site. New venue requests are typically approved within a few hours of submission.

Step 1: Name & Location

Google Lookup for Venue (by name or address)
The venue name; this should auto-fill.

Step 2: Venue Details

Tell us about the space, the vibe, the amenities... You do not need to put hours of operation in here; we fetch those automatically.
We will accept a Facebook page in lieu of a web site.
Venue Classification *

This is a new feature we've added to help classify venues listed on our site to make things more transparent to users. Please choose the most appropriate description of this venue.

Venue Tags

Select any items below that apply to this venue.

Step 3: Venue Image

We prefer images of the entrance/exterior of the venue. Not including an image will result in a longer time-to-approval.
Cropped image preview

Step 4: Submit For Approval

If there is anything you want us to know about this venue that will not be shown in the venue description, enter it here.

This venue will be processed within the next few days. If you need to make any changes after the fact, you can contact us directly.