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KikiPedia & Drag Race

What is KikiPedia?

It's all of this.

KikiPedia is a web app created and maintained by some fruits in Boston that promotes local LGBTQ+ nightlife. It focuses on spotlighting local gay and lesbian bars/clubs as well as LGBTQ-centric events such as drag shows, circuit parties, cruise nights, and more. Although the New England area has been the focus of our efforts, we've opened up our platform for use in other cities and focus our research efforts on the most popular ones when possible.

About KikiPedia's RPDR Showing Listings

Most of the time if you do an internet search for "RuPaul's Drag Race viewing party", KikiPedia will likely be in the top 3 results.

How does KikiPedia know if a place shows Drag Race?

The current listings are a result of community submissions, content research, and direct communication from viewing party hosts or their hosting venues.

Season indicators were recently introduced to help users identify which venues have shown past seasons and which ones are currently confirmed for the latest season.

Do venues pay to be listed on KikiPedia?

No- KikiPedia is a currently free service, and we intend to maintain this accessibility in the future.

Supporting Local Drag & LGBTQ+ Nightlife

KikiPedia's goal is to help keep drag, LGBTQ-centric spaces, and queer nightlife alive.

If KikiPedia has event coverage for an area, a section highlighting other nearby Friday night events will be shown on that area's Drag Race Showing List page.

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