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The iconic hiking destination of many a Ptown gay tourist.

3 ways to get there:
1. Walk directly through the marshes from the bike stop on route 6A (Province Lands Rd), then head south along the shoreline. This route is easiest during low tide, and is shown on the map below.
2. Take the breakwater (the long bridge of rocks) south from Provincetown Inn and walk a few miles along the beach toward the northwest
3. Walk south-southeast along the shore from the Herring Cove Beach parking lot.

When coming from the marshes or Herring cove, you may need to keep walking south behind the dunes to avoid the roped off bird nesting areas.

On a good day, you'll know it when you see it.

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Community Tier: An LGBTQ+ community center or gathering place (not a bar, club, or restaurant).

Venue added: Before 2019, updated: 2023-09-04

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