Ego: COVID-19 Response

EGO Providence has been around since 2013, serving our community for over 7 years with a staff we call a family. We have been proud to be apart of this community for all this time and we have been so grateful for your continued patronage throughout all these years.

We are asking if you can, donate to help the staff with bills and expenses during this time.

Any amount helps and as always we appreciate all of your love and support during this time. We hope you're being safe and well.

KikiPedia is also hosting the following:
Drag performers affected
LGBTQ+ community members affected
Live streams and virtual parties
Ego Details

Ego is an energetic gay bar featuring a dance floor, DJs, a stage, and a lineup of regular events. It is owned by Chris Harris, who will occasionally rent out the street in front of the club to throw block parties. This club also features an open patio in the back for the occasional cigarrette, foam party, or beer bust/blast.

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Party Parrot Loading Animation