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Update Event Form

Fill out this form to request an update to the existing event listed below.

Step 1: Event Venue

Updating Event: Talent Competition Tuesdays at Neighbours.

This event is currently inactive; it will be reactivated when the update is approved.
Step 2: Time and Date

For events that happen weekly or monthly (contact us about daily or annual events).

We'll generate this automatically for the next occurrence based on the pattern provided, but if your event does not start until a specific date, enter it here.
If your event will stop recurring after some known date (like at end of a season or something), enter that here.
Specific Date

For a non-recurring event.

The date of your event.
Multiple Specific Dates

For events that are happening across multiple days at the same time each day.

Click + to add this date to the date list.
Step 3: Event Info
A link to your event page. (If you have a page/event for it on Facebook or something.)
If you're taking reservations put the link to the reservation page, phone number, or email address here, and provide any pertinent info in the description field.
If you're selling tickets online, enter the link to buy those.
A square flyer, logo, or similar.
Cropped event image preview

If you need to change the venue [since we haven't deployed that code yet] or include any other info that may be useful for us to know about your event.