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Event Inactive: Resistance and Resilience Rally: Trans Black Lives at Cathedral Square is marked as inactive. This event was automatically deactivated at the beginning of the pandemic. If it has started again, let us know!

The Stonewall uprising and ensuing riots were a tipping point for queer folks to band together to strategically fight for our rights and freedoms on a scale never before seen in our community.

Drag queens, trans siblings, sex workers and butch lesbians started the fight for our freedoms and now it’s our responsibility to pick up the traditions of change and help our Black and Trans siblings in our combined fight for equality.

Let us rise up against police brutality and systemic oppression.
Let us rise up against racial profiling, unfair treatment and discrimination.

Let us strip away the vanity that Pride Celebrations have been known to become and let’s get back to our roots. We are working towards pulling away from the trademark that has caused division within our community for decades and honoring the lives we’ve lost in our fight for equality. We are here to amplify the voices often erased by our history.

Rhode Island Pride’s 2020 protest march will take place June 20th @ 4:30 marching the same route as the very first Pride in our state and on the same date circa 1976. We will start with a rally at Cathedral Square and march to the State House for a second rally following the original route of 1976.

*This event is being held without coordination with the city or police.
*For the safety of all attendees we ask that you please wear a mask.

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Event added: 2020-06-13, updated: 2022-08-30

About the Venue: Cathedral Square

The start of Rhode Island Pride’s original March route from 1976.

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