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Digital Virtual Ofrenda

Streamed on Twitch
Info on joining the stream:
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Starts: Saturday October 31st, 09:30 PM
Ends: Sunday November 1st, 10:30 PM
Past Event

The Boston Sisters humbly invite you to step through the veil.

During this time of the year the veil between our world is at its thinnest.

If you are moved and able, please commune with our memories and loved ones. These images have been supplied by folks all across the country.
Feel free to light your own candle, and place a photo next to your computer. We share this digital alter and offering with all of you and the community. Please stay safe out there.

You are loved, You are strong, You are enough.

Also for any who are interested and able to donate.The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are awarding a community grant to the latinx group Call for Action
It’s important to remember our brothers and sisters of color are at higher risk for infections like HIV, COVID-19, and that they face other hurdles which from some might be un-thinkable.

CFA will be producing a digital winter health event for the community in the Metro Boston Area.

Donations can be made by following the link:

The Alter can be accessed for 24 hours on the Sisters Twitch:

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Added: 2020-10-31 21:23:58 UTC