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Fog City Pack Presents: OMEGA 2020 ft. TYGAPAW

Streamed on Twitch
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Starts: Sunday November 22nd, 04:00 AM
Ends: Sunday November 22nd, 10:00 AM
Past Event

We’re back with our last event of the year and possibly for a little while, fucking COVID! But we’re overwhelmed with excitement to have this powerhouse, trailblazer and perhaps one of the most influential names we’ve ever had the pleasure of bringing to our events, TYGAPAW!
TYGAPAW, is a Multi-Disciplined producer, DJ and with 13 years of living in New York City she’s cultivated a music style she dubs “Sultry Club.” She incorporates sexy 90’s R&B sounds with futuristic vibes and intricate melodies that are as much for the club as they are for a chill kiki at your home girls crib. She’s also the curator behind “Fake Accent,” a monthly Brooklyn based queer club night that has featured DJ’s such as Rizzla, False Witness, JX Canon, HD, Mursi Layne and more, and is also the co-curator behind the queer Caribbean party series and creative platform, “SHOTTAS NYC.”
And thats just what she’s already done. TYGAPAW has a new album on the horizon Get Free via N.A.A.F.I. and is featured in the documentary, “Underplayed ( which presents a portrait of the current status of gender, ethnic, and sexual equality issues through the lens of the female pioneers, next-generation artists, and industry leaders who are championing the change and inspiring a more diverse pool of role models for future generations.” She is truly an visionary, role model and unstoppable force giving a voice to those who have historically not had one. It’s our extreme honor to share a live set from her we know you will enjoy.

Meeting ID: 846 1254 1080
Passcode: TBA (see FB event in get access link)

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Added: 2020-11-16 17:18:12 UTC