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Amber Live! the streaming comedy talk show hosted by legendary drag queen Amber LeMay!

Streamed on YouTube
Starts: Monday May 8th, 12:00 AM
Ends: Monday May 8th, 01:00 AM
Recurs Weekly

Amber Live! is a weekly streaming talk show featuring Amber LeMay, founding member of The House of LeMay! Tune in for amazing guests and a shit ton of laughs! See you on Sunday nights at 8 PM ET!

Amber LeMay hails from the Hot Dam Trailer Park in Beaver Pond, Vermont, but when the pandemic started she was trapped by the lockdown in a basement in Burlington, Vermont, surrounded by bottles of vodka. Not wanting to leave the vodka behind, and with only the strength that it provided, Amber decided to start an online talk show. Reaching out to Russell, she asked him to help. Russell started producing the show for her, and Amber Live! was born in a basement during a pandemic.

In addition to Amber and Russell, each week the show has guests and some regular callers. Rocco Zamboni often calls in from Long Island to spread his Italian American version of wisdom. Also, our Comp. Troller, JaQ checks in during each show to recap the great comments our live audience makes each episode.

The show has featured an amazing lineup of guests, including

1) Hal Sparks from Queer as Folk, Talk Soup, and Dude Where’s My Car
2) Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman and his wife Gisele Barreto Fetterman.
3) Mike Houston ("Lee Dixon") from Orange is the New Black
4) Francois Clemmons ("Officer Clemmons") from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
5) Francis Legge from Season 5 of Master Chef
6) Comedy drag legend Miss Richfield 1981
7) Tupperware sales “lady” Dixie Longate
8) GLAM award winning drag diva Sherry Vine
9) International Female Delusionist Miss Conception
10) Justin “Squigs” Robertson, Illustrator
11) NYC’s Campy Killer Queen, Angela Mansberry
12) TikTok sensations Madge and Bisket
13) Ryan Landry, founder of the Gold Dust Orphans
14) Award winning filmaker and photographer Roberto Serrini
15) Lieutenant Governor of Vermont, David Zuckerman
16) Water Masterson, who “Speaks to the President” and TikTok creator
17) Helen Kummlicher, New York Socialite and Page 6 Style Reviewer
and many, many others.

Please send your support for Amber Live! via Venmo to @RJDPRO


Added: 2020-12-09 00:45:13 UTC