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Om Nom Nom

Streamed on Zoom
Info on joining the stream:
(See description for details)
Starts: Monday April 5th, 02:00 AM
Ends: Monday April 5th, 03:30 AM
Past Event

On April 4th please join us for another Om Nom Nom online show just in time for the International Day of Trans Visibility. ?️‍⚧️
Sponsored by the very wonderful Wicked Grounds, this show is full of the weirdo queerdo none-sense you sea and expect from us.
Our cast this show features performers from around the country and world!
Hostex Polly Amber Ross
I.Gemini (London)
Nitrix Oxide
Rye (Canada)
Jynx Merlot (Boston)
Max Madame
Lucky Pierre (New York)
Pickles LaVey (Canada)
Frankie Foukette
Go go Laika Fox (Denver)
Tickets are on sale NOW.
We are asking for a $5 cover charge in order to guarantee pay for our very very very amazing cast and crew. Tips will also be encouraged!
About us:
Om Nom Nom Non-Binary Burlesque is a year old performance troupe run completely by gender non-conforming and gender queer folk with members across the SF Bay Area and is ever growing with members across the country. We focus on showing the vast reaches of what art and gender expression can be and can't wait for this opportunity to show you what we've got!
Get ready for Burlesque, Drag, Circus, Kink and Sideshow and so so so much more!
We will float your boat and put the wind in your sails!
Can't wait to sea you soon, virtually!
Art by @blueharecomix

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Added: 2021-03-23 01:23:37 UTC