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Drag Bingo with the Sisters!

Info on joining the stream:
(See description for details)
Starts: Friday April 16th, 11:30 PM
Ends: Saturday April 17th, 03:30 AM
Past Event

Brush up your bingo skills as the sisters bring back one of our most beloved events. BINGO BINGO WE GOT A BINGO!

Could you be our next winner? Who will get O69? On April 16th, Sister Lida Christ of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will emcee two sessions of DRAG BINGO hilarity on Zoom. Buy a ticket, we'll send you 3 bingo cards the week of the event...and then, play for prizes and scream with laughter. Use the "Get Access" link to head over to the eventbrite page to purchase bingo cards!

Assigned Female at Birth, a web series about some bodies, is an award-winning super QUEER web series about trans, ENBY, non-binary, LGBTQ and women of all sizes, abilities, ages and ethnicity. Award-winning queer writer Lyralen Kaye spent the pandemic interviewing 32 people and then devising a way to tell their stories–which meant remote filming with actors nationwide, and then editing together their footage to make it seem they were in the same location! AFAB has completed 5 of the 6 episodes in Season 1, involves 32 interviewees, a cast of 24, a crew of 15 and can be seen on YouTube at Another Country TV.

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Added: 2021-04-14 02:00:32 UTC