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Queeriosity UnPlugged

Streamed on Twitch
Info on joining the stream:
(See description for details)
Starts: Saturday May 2nd, 07:00 PM
Ends: Saturday May 2nd, 11:00 PM
Past Event

A 4 Hour Drag Festival in your own home!
A 4 hour live twitch cabaret extravaganza brought to your very home!

Suggested Donation £3/$5 to but give what you can!

Donations are open NOW! Please if possible, donated as friends and family as a fee and a holding time (of sometimes 60 days) will be applied to your donation otherwise

50% of the suggested donations will be donated to Mermaids ( whilst the rest will be shared equally among the vast line up of performers.

Tipping will also be available for individual performers!

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Added: 2020-04-25 23:43:00 UTC