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at The Foundry

101 Rogers St, Cambridge
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Presented by Boston-based drag thing, Aster R*sk, "R!SK" is the area's newest open stage for all things drag! It is also the only one that is both 18+ and substance-free!

For more info/updates about R!SK (including how to sign up), follow @Aster_Rsk on Instagram.

Who Can Sign Up to Perform?
Anyone who is 18 or older on the day of the show is welcome to sign up regardless of experience, identity, or style of performance. R!SK is primarily a drag show, but what that means is very open to interpretation. Burlesque, comedy, live music and/or other performance / art / performance-art is welcome to sign up, so long as you feel it belongs in a queer space. Preference will be given to those who are 18-20, and those who are doing their drag debut!

What's the Deal With Sliding Scale Tickets?
Unlike most other spaces that host drag shows which make a good deal of their money off of alcohol sales, R!SK must cover it's expenses and pay it's cast & crew entirely out tickets and tips. ALL TICKETS ARE GENERAL ADMISSION. If you can afford to spend more than $15 to help insure R!SK can continue hosting 18+ & substance-free drag, it is much appreciated! If you cannot, NO WORRIES! We also have $10 and even $5 tickets availabale for those who cannot afford $15. If you can afford $15 or more, please leave the $10 and $5 ticket for those who cannot. Thank you!

Why "Substance-Free?"
Due to a long list of historical, political, and social factors, many queer artforms, practices, and communities have been largely restricted to bars, clubs, and other nightlife spaces which are 21+ and center, encourage, or at least allow drinking and drugging.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this (drinking and drugging can be super fun for many, and alcohol sales are the only way many venues stay open), it can make these spaces unwelcoming, uncomfortable, or even unsafe for folks who are sober, in recovery from addiction, and/or just do not want to be around intoxication.

As a drag performer in long-term recovery from addiction, having a space where people can experience the art of drag that is both 18+ and substance-free is very important to me!

All performers and crew are asked to refrain from drinking alcohol or consuming other "recreational" intoxicating / mind altering substance (not needed for medical reasons) on the day of the show. Audience members are invited to try this as well! If you choose to drink or get high on the day of the show, please do so 1) safely and 2) before you come to the venue.

No one will be asked to leave for suspicion of being intoxicated. However...
Anyone consuming alcohol, marijuana (in any form - with or without a prescription), or any other non-prescribed drug anywhere on Foundry property (including just outside) may be asked to leave. Unfortunately, this is still technically "against the law" and therefore endangers the future of R!SK. (Boo! Hiss! Legalize all drugs!) (Obviously no Cops will be called.)

Spaces that are sober, queer, AND 18+ are extremely rare, extremely valuable, and must be protected! Thank you so for understanding and helping me keep this space safe!

What If I Have More Questions?
You can Email Aster R*sk at

Cost: $10 - $30




 🌃 👑 🎭 18+ 

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Event added: 2024-04-16, updated: 2024-06-02

The Venue

Facade of The Foundry

The Foundry

101 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA 02142
The Foundry is Cambridge's inclusive hub for creative exploration.

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