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Flyer or graphic for the event Furball Boston Underwear Party

Furball Boston Underwear Party
at Legacy

79 Warrenton St, Boston

Event Details


Legacy Saturdays rebrands as Joe Fiore's Furball Boston Underwear Party, presented by Rafael Sanchez and Bobby Kelley!
Different themes every month, clothes check available, similar music style to the standard Legacy Saturday. Features both local and guest traveling DJs.

This event typically happens once a month, but is not regularly recurring. While it typically happens on the first or second Saturday of the month, it has been known to jump around to other Saturdays depending on Joe and Gay Mafia Boston's scheduling. If you see this event listed as inactive, it is likely because we have not received correspondence about or seen the flyer for the next event.

Cost: $25 - $30




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Event added: 2024-04-08, updated: 2024-05-12
Furball Boston Underwear Party event flyer

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