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Event Inactive: High Key at Jacques Cabaret was initially designated as a one-off event and has already happened. If this event is going to be happening again, or if it is actually a regularly-recurring monthly or weekly event, contact us or request a change using the "Event Options" dropdown below.

Over the course of six unique challenges, ten live singing drag competitors will battle it out to become Boston's next Throat Master. Past challenges have included celebrity illusion, duets, parody writing, and many more. Come each week and cheer for your favorite!

Host/Head Judge: Patty Bourrée
Resident Judges: Violencia! and Rhonda&Foxy
Guest Judges: TBA
Competitors: TBA
with DJ PJ on the DJ PJ machine

Tickets are $12 online, $15 at the door, $60 for a season pass

Cost: $12 - $60





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Event added: 2023-08-28, updated: 2023-11-08
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