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Every Saturday, all summer long, Kiki Beach bunnies claim a stretch of M Street Beach for the community. With the Randolph Country Club over (RIP the Rah Cha Cha), it was high-time we stake a claim on one of Boston's best beaches. Simply order an Uber and sissy your way to the shores of Southie. Kiki Beach is the brainchild of a few vitamin D obsessed dandys that wanted easy access to a beach for those hot summer days when you're stuck in the city with no ticket to Ptown or a ride to OGT. The goal is to start a fierce and fabulous beach gathering the community could own, not just a group of individuals. The kiki lies just beyond the Community Center, first bus shelter to the right!

Occurs on Saturdays.
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Event added: Before 2019, updated: 2022-08-14

About the Venue: M Street Beach

A beach located along Columbia Road/William Day Boulevard at M Street in Southie. Bus stops and metered street parking is available.

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