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Upcoming events this week.

Sunday Sex Stories event flyerNow 

Sunday Sex Stories @ Metropolitan

First Sunday,  - 
A monthly open mic night for sex workers, hosted by Alotta McGriddles and Lady Simon! This is an open mic for ALL but if you’re an adult content creator come thru and invite someone you’ve been thinking of filming with to see if the vibe is right. No pressure social event with shows, stories and beats. Let’s talk about sex with no judgements. *any body shaming, sex shaming, kink shaming, will not be tolerated
Caramel Kiss'd event flyerNow 

Caramel Kiss'd @ Pieces

Every Sunday,  - 
Sunday night drag! Hang out after brunch to catch the high-energy fabulosity of Dev Doee and Lexington Banks with special guests and music by DJ Senobyte!
The Invasion event flyerNow 

The Invasion @ Stonewall Inn

Every Sunday,  - 
The Stonewall Invasion; A Weekly Drag Spectacular with a rotating cast of hosts and performers. Located on Stonewall's second floor.
Spunk Sundays event flyerNow 

Spunk Sundays @ Pieces

Every Sunday,  - 
Manhattan’s most popular all male revue. Presented by Luis Gomez & hosted by Holly Dae with music by DJ Xavier. Lap dancers, pole dancers, and a towel show.
Turn It On! event flyerNow 

Turn It On! @ Hardware

Every Sunday,  - 
A drag show hosted by Izzy Uncut & Janelle No.5 with dancing to music by DJ Jon Ali.
Piano Bar Sundays event flyerNow 

Piano Bar Sundays @ Rise

Every Sunday,  - 
A weekly open mic night with live piano accompaniment! Hosted by Marty Thomas, with Yas on piano.
Yaz on Keys event flyerNow 

Yaz on Keys @ The Spot

Every Sunday,  - 
Grab your song books and head over to The Spot to test out your newest material with Yaz on the Keys! Singing Starts at 10:30 Sundays (excluding Holiday Sundays)
S(T)IMULATION event flyerNow 


Every Sunday,  - 
Be who you want to be at Hush's sexy Sunday party. Different DJs each week spinning dance and house music, with local celebrity hosts each week. No cover.
The Kizha Carr Show event flyerNow 

The Kizha Carr Show @ Industry

Every Sunday,  - 
Iconic bearded queen Kizha Carr presents a weekly evening of drag, drinks, and dancing. No cover.
Queen 4 Queen event flyer

Queen 4 Queen @ Pieces

Every Monday,  - 
Hosted by Janelle No.5, Xunami Muse, and Beaujangless. Music by DJ Nicky Boombox.
Broadway Mondays event flyer

Broadway Mondays @ Hardware

Every Monday,  - 
Marti Cummings & Justin Luke present a weekly Broadway drag revue, hosted by Jacklynn Hyde and Holly Box-Springs with weekly special guests.
Jukebox Bingo event flyer

Jukebox Bingo @ Rebar Chelsea

Every Monday,  - 
Zenon Teavee hosts bingo, drag performances, and more, with a different special guest each week. $5 to play for prizes!
Mystical Mondays event flyer

Mystical Mondays @ Icon Bar

Every Monday,  - 
Join Misty Mountains Davenport for her weekly show with special guests!
Macho Mondays event flyer

Macho Mondays @ Nowhere Bar

Every Monday,  - 
Weekly dance night with gogo dancers and drink specials. $5 cover before 12, $10 after
Drag Wars event flyer

Drag Wars @ Pieces

Every Monday,  - 
A weekly drag competition hosted by NYC legend Shequida. $200 prize, no cover. Sign up by with the DJ starting at 8PM. Show starts at 10. 15 spots (first come, first serve) Email music to
The Lady Gay event flyer

The Lady Gay @ The Spot

Every Monday,  - 
Join Jada Valenciaga and her live band every Monday at The Spot for The Lady Gay: All Of Me! Seating at 10pm
Queerdo Karaoke event flyer

Queerdo Karaoke @ The Rosemont

Every Monday,  - 
Come sing at the Rosemont every Monday! Hosted by Julia with special guest hosts each week.
Messy Mondays event flyer

Messy Mondays @ Rise

Every Monday,  - 
A campy comedy drag show hosted by Jasmine Rice and Pissi Myles.
Hi-D event flyer

Hi-D @ Industry

Every Monday,  - 
Don't miss this high-energy two-woman show each Monday at Industry! Featuring a different highlighted music artist each week spun by DJ MK.
AWN A TUESDAY event flyer

AWN A TUESDAY @ The Rosemont

First and Third Tuesday,  - 
A biweekly Kiki hosted by Robyn Edges with a special guest each week! Music by Bae Jing. No cover!
Dyke Nite event flyer

Dyke Nite @ Nowhere Bar

Every Tuesday,  - 
Dyke Nite: Every Tuesday at Nowhere Bar! With Dyke Beer drink specials: Dyke Beer is a tribute to lost Dyke space & aims to create future ones.
Drink and Draw event flyer

Drink and Draw @ Rebar Chelsea

Every Tuesday,  - 
Richard Burrowes presents DRINK & DRAW Enjoy great cocktails as you get in touch with your artistic side sketching a hot nearly-nude model every Tuesday. $20 to join, includes 2 free drinks
Bingo Night event flyer

Bingo Night @ The Spot

Every Tuesday,  - 
Grab your balls and get out those Bingo Cards because Pissi Myles is serving it up Every Tuesday Happy Hour for Bingo! From 7:00-10:00
HYPE event flyer

HYPE @ Hardware

Every Tuesday,  - 
A drag show showcasing Black performers hosted by Islaya and Jax, with music by DJ 2Face.
Curtains Up event flyer

Curtains Up @ The Monster Bar

Every Tuesday,  - 
A Broadway-themed cabaret drag show hosted by Jada Valenciaga with different themes and special guests weekly. No cover.
Two Stupid Queens event flyer

Two Stupid Queens @ Pieces

Every Tuesday,  - 
Kiki Ball-Change and Castrata host this irreverent cabaret-style drag show featuring crazy shenanigans, live singing, and special guests!
Gemini Problems event flyer

Gemini Problems @ Icon Bar

Every Tuesday,  - 
Don't miss Sherry Poppins giving her weekly one-woman comedy and drag show! 5$ tarot readings available.
Drag Swap event flyer

Drag Swap @ Hardware

Every Tuesday,  - 
Pixie Aventura performs with a rotating monthly guest, taking on each other's signature looks and numbers.
Kut Throat Karaoke event flyer

Kut Throat Karaoke @ Rise

Every Tuesday,  - 
A popular weekly karaoke night hosted by Emily McNamara with DJ TK.
Momma's House event flyer

Momma's House @ HUSH

Every Tuesday,  - 
Join MOTHER Maddelyn Hatter for her weekly open stage show! Enjoy performances by Madd herself alongside NYC's best queer performers. $10 cover gets you a drink ticket!
Queeraoke event flyer

Queeraoke @ Metropolitan

Every Tuesday,  - 
Miss Katie hosts long-running weekly karaoke night with props and prizes. No cover. $4 well drink special.
Sister Sister event flyer

Sister Sister @ Industry

Every Tuesday,  - 
Yasmin Delano and Egypt host a weekly evening of drag with tunes by DJ Xavier Mazara.
MEGA event flyer

MEGA @ C'mon Everybody

First and Third Wednesday,  - 
A new drag residency with MEGA drag, MEGA music, and MEGA shows starring Milk and Olivia Lux!
Fiesta Latina event flyer

Fiesta Latina @ Icon Bar

Every Wednesday,  - 
Pedro Alvarado presents this weekly Latin party! Different live entertainment each week and rotating DJs spinning Latin dance music in all styles. $5 drink specials until 7 PM.
CRUSH event flyer

CRUSH @ Hardware

Every Wednesday,  - 
A weekly drag show hosted by DD Fuego, Elektra Lite, and Skye Walker with music by DJ Ricky Oh.
HUMP event flyer

HUMP @ Nowhere Bar

Every Wednesday,  - 
NYC's only weeknight beer blast! Guest DJs and different drink specials each week.
COMMANDO event flyer


Every Wednesday,  - 
A No-Underwear, Underwear Party *is Hush’s fresh, new take on a gay nightlife staple. Wednesday Nights come in your best gym shorts, sweatpants, singlet or skirt to show off your goods. But leave the underwear at home for this special “No underwear Underwear Party” Show off your sexiest dance moves with special weekly guest hosts.
Alotta Trivia event flyer

Alotta Trivia @ Metropolitan

Every Wednesday,  - 
Alotta McGriddles & Cameron Cole dually host weekly *visual* trivia night. Topics range from Harry Potter, Disney, Jeopardy, Mean Girls, Rupauls Drag Race, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, and more! Audience picks the topic! Winner of each round gets to spin the wheel of prizes. You can win: pitchers of beer, multiple well drinks, and bar tabs! No cover charge.
Jockstrap Night event flyer

Jockstrap Night @ The Eagle NYC

Every Wednesday,  - 
Wear a jockstrap, drink, and rub up against each other. Clothes check available. Music by DJ Musikdawg
Snatched event flyer

Snatched @ Pieces

Every Wednesday,  - 
Izzy Uncut and Miss Ogeny present this weekly drag revue! Music by DJ Mike Borowski.
Zeta Haus event flyer

Zeta Haus @ Rebar Chelsea

Every Wednesday,  - 
Drag shows, dancing, and drink specials hosted by Zeta Jones with music by DJ Samurai and weekly guest performers.
PRIME event flyer

PRIME @ Hardware

Every Wednesday,  - 
A weekly drag show hosted by Boudoir Lefleur and Kimmy Moore, with beats by DJ OhRicky.
Legend Wednesdays event flyer

Legend Wednesdays @ Rise

Every Wednesday,  - 
An ensemble-cast drag show hosted by Pattaya Hart, Bootsie LeFaris, and Lexington Banks with wewekly special guests.
BRENDAVISION event flyer


Every Wednesday,  - 
Dancing Diva Brenda Dharling, invites the audience to influence the show. Seating at 10!
Sis Gender event flyer

Sis Gender @ The Rosemont

Every Wednesday,  - 
An energetic midweek genderqueer dance party! Hosted by Ginger von Snap and Jem, with music by Troy Edwards. Creative dress encouraged!
The Help event flyer

The Help @ Industry

Every Wednesday,  - 
Pixie Aventura and Kizha Carr host a weekly drag show with music provided by DJ TK.
House Party event flyer

House Party @ Rebar Chelsea

First and Third Thursday,  - 
A reggae, Latin, and hip-hop dance night with pop-up performances by the Dragon Sisters and special guests. $5 cover.
Werk Night event flyer

Werk Night @ C'mon Everybody

First Thursday,  - 
Drag and comedy at a reasonable hour! Bea Belize and Julia Jeffries host with resident DJ Hauskat and a rotating cast of special guest performers.
Jasmine LIVE! event flyer

Jasmine LIVE! @ Pieces

Every Thursday,  - 
Jasmine Rice LaBeija hosts this weekly drag revue featuring Jax and Jolina Jasmine. Music by DJ 2Face.
Karaoke Thursdays event flyer

Karaoke Thursdays @ Icon Bar

Every Thursday,  - 
Nicole Anadyme hosts Icon's weekly karaoke night. Arrive early for happy hour!
SPUNK event flyer

SPUNK @ The Monster Bar

Every Thursday,  - 
Luis Gomez Presents SPUNK: Hosted by Sir Honey Davenport & DJ Jonny Mack. Don't miss the Tiny Towel Show at minight. No cover at the upstairs piano bar, $10 to go downstairs to the gogo show; 30+ dancers & pole dancers!
Playhouse event flyer

Playhouse @ Pieces

Every Thursday,  - 
Pissi Myles presents this weekly drag show with music by DJ 2Face. No cover.
The Shequida Show event flyer

The Shequida Show @ Hardware

Every Thursday,  - 
A weekly drag show starring and hosted by NYC legend Shequida Hall, with special guest performances every week.
CxNT event flyer


Every Thursday,  - 
HUSH presents a Thursday night drag extravaganza! This high-energy weekly drag show features your regular performers, Dev Doe, Essence, Staci, and Beau Jangles, with music by DJ David Scott and special weekly surprises!
ByLatinQueers event flyer

ByLatinQueers @ The Rosemont

Every Thursday,  - 
Rosemont's Thirsty Thursday Latin night! Hosted by Vena Cava and Victoria Holiday with rotating guest performers and DJs. No cover!
The Jones Effect event flyer

The Jones Effect @ Rise

Every Thursday,  - 
Zeta Jones presents a weekly drag revue with dancing, gogos, and special guests.
Full Throttle event flyer

Full Throttle @ The Spot

Every Thursday,  - 
Order a double and get ready to start your engines because Thursdays are going Full Throttle! Join Adriana Trenta and Marti Gould Cummings every Thursday! Seating at 10:30
Queen event flyer

Queen @ Industry

Every Thursday,  - 
Holly Dae hosts a weekly drag revue featuring a rotating cast of New York's finest drag performers!
LECHE event flyer


Every Thursday,  - 
Leche Thursdays is Hush's weekly Latin dance party! Beats by Alex Mendez with guest DJs and gogo hosts! No cover!
NSFW event flyer


Second and Fourth Friday,  - 
Papito presents NOT SAFE FOR WORK, Hush's newest biweekly party inspired by BDSM Fashion featuring rotating special guest hosts. No cover for partiers in gear!
Furball NYC event flyer

Furball NYC @ The Eagle NYC

Second Friday,  - 
Joe Fiore presents Furball NYC Underwear Party Music by rotating DJs. Underwear, jocks, gear encouraged. Clothes check available. Hot dancers!
DIZZY! event flyer

DIZZY! @ Nowhere Bar

Second Friday,  - 
DJ duo Jay D and Mordecai present this monthly dark dance party spinning new wave, post-punk, goth, synthpop, shoegaze, and more!
HELLA event flyer

HELLA @ Metropolitan

Second Friday,  - 
DJ Manila Ice mans the decks for an evening celebrating some of our favorite singers, heavy on the divas. Each HELLA celebrates someone different, with videos splashed across our TV's and their music on heavy rotation all night. Usually features a pop-up drag performance or two! No cover.
Lagoona: LIVE! event flyer

Lagoona: LIVE! @ Hardware

Every Friday,  - 
A weekly drag show starring and hosted by Lagoona Bloo, with weekly special guest performances.
The Assassins event flyer

The Assassins @ Playhouse Bar

Every Friday,  - 
Why send a hitman to do what two hitwomen can do better? When you need a lip sync murdered, you call the Assassins. When you need a look slayed, you call the Assassins. When you need the choreography killed, you call the Assassins. You called... Boudoir LeFleur and Kimmi Moore have answered. Featuring DJ 2Face No Cover
Trading Spaces event flyer

Trading Spaces @ Pieces

Every Friday,  - 
Catch Yuhua Hamasaki every Friday-- even without drag race! Special guests join her one-woman show with music by DJ OhRicky. No cover!
REINAS event flyer


Every Friday,  - 
Hush's new Thursday night Latin drag extravaganza! Hosted by Pietra Parker, Chicky Gorgina, and Natalie Carrera with special guests. No cover.
THE ZOO event flyer

THE ZOO @ The Rosemont

Every Friday,  - 
DJ Luis Fernando presents this wild weekly party, usually featuring drag race alums, celebrity cameos, and new music releases.
Fierce Fridays event flyer

Fierce Fridays @ Icon Bar

Every Friday,  - 
Petti Cash hosts Icon's Friday night drag show featuring music by DJ Gingy with special surprise guest performers each week!
Frisky Fridays event flyer

Frisky Fridays @ Pieces

Every Friday,  - 
Brita Filter and Ruby Roo close out the week with this unpredictable drag show! Music and videos by VJ OhRicky.
Friday Night Dance Party event flyer

Friday Night Dance Party @ Stonewall Inn

Every Friday,  - 
Stonewall's Friday night spans 2 floors, with two alternating DJs and a different set of hosts and guest performers each week!
Warrior event flyer

Warrior @ Rebar Chelsea

Every Friday,  - 
Frankie Sharp presents Warrior Every Friday at Rebar Chelsea with local DJs and plenty of gogos!
Super Size Queen Fridays event flyer

Super Size Queen Fridays @ Hardware

Every Friday,  - 
Hell’s Kitchen’s Longest-Running Weekly Party, every Friday Night at Hardware Bar! Presented by Matthew Bleu & Shawn Paul Mazur Music by DJ Mike Borowski Hosted by Bootsie Lefaris & Vinny Gaga No cover
FREEDOM event flyer

FREEDOM @ The Spot

Every Friday,  - 
Get ready to DANCE! Join Steve Sidewalk and DJ Nesto rotating Every Friday at The Spot! Pop-up drag performances each week.
2 Floor Fridays event flyer

2 Floor Fridays @ The Cock

Every Friday,  - 
A weekly cruise party at The Cock with local DJs and dancers. 2 floors of streamy, dreamy, creamy fun!
FUQBOI event flyer

FUQBOI @ Rebar Chelsea

Second and Fourth Saturday,  - 
FUQBOI is now biweekly! DJ Susan Levine spins with your host, Androgyny, while a rotating cast of guest gogos and special guests entertains! No cover before 10 PM. Please note - this event is every second and LAST Saturday!
Str8 To DVD event flyer

Str8 To DVD @ C'mon Everybody

Second Saturday,  - 
Brooklyn’s 3rd oldest monthly drag party, at C'mon Everybody! With Sherry Poppins, Qhrist Almighty, DJ Ten Yards, and monthly guests!
Drag Brunch event flyer

Drag Brunch @ The Spot

Every Saturday,  - 
The Spot's newest brunch event, Saturdays are hosted by Zeta Jones and Jasmine Rice, with special guest performers and music by DJ David Serrano. Seatings at 12:23 and 2:30.
Get Happy Hour event flyer

Get Happy Hour @ Pieces

Every Saturday,  - 
Pieces' legendary happy hour with a special Saturday twist! Drag show at 4 PM featuring Heidi Heaux with DJ JClef.
Bye Brunch event flyer

Bye Brunch @ Hardware

Every Saturday,  - 
Boudoir Lefleur and Jacklynn Hyde host this drag brunch with music by DJ Joe Michael
Sinful Saturdays event flyer

Sinful Saturdays @ Pieces

Every Saturday,  - 
Bootsie Lefaris hosts Pieces' biggest drag show of the week! Featuring a rotating cast of New York's best drag talent. DJ Nicky Boom Box spins between drag shows at 11 and 1!
It's Showtime! event flyer

It's Showtime! @ Stonewall Inn

Every Saturday,  - 
Stonewall's Saturday Night drag extravaganza features a new cast and host each week! Join Hibiscus, Ari Kiki, Prada G Major & Lola Michele Kiki with their special guest performers every Saturday evening on the 2nd floor.
BIONIC event flyer

BIONIC @ Hardware

Every Saturday,  - 
Brie Bordeaux and Ruby Fox perform weekly for this weekly drag show. Music by DJ 2Face.
H2HOE event flyer


Every Saturday,  - 
Get your thirst quenched every Saturday with Lagoona Bloo, Peachez, and Kiki Ball-Change! Music by DJ Skittlez. No cover.
POP Saturdays event flyer

POP Saturdays @ The Spot

Every Saturday,  - 
DJ Xavier plays all your pop favorites every Saturday night plus special pop up drag performances!
Jax Off Broadway event flyer

Jax Off Broadway @ Icon Bar

Every Saturday,  - 
Jax gives a high-energy acrobatic drag show experience! Special guest performers each week. Dance all night after the show with DJ Gingy!
Saturday Night Dance Party event flyer

Saturday Night Dance Party @ Stonewall Inn

Every Saturday,  - 
Stonewall's Friday night spans 2 floors, with two alternating DJs and different guest performers each week! Hosted by Prada G Major.
SLAY event flyer

SLAY @ Hardware

Every Saturday,  - 
A weekly dance party with music by DJ 2Face and drag shows hosted by Lexington Banks with rotating guest performers.
The Cock Saturdays event flyer

The Cock Saturdays @ The Cock

Every Saturday,  - 
The sleazy fun you've come to love from the COCK! Two floors of gogos, music, and drinks. Coat check available!
Dial 599 event flyer

Dial 599 @ Metropolitan

Every Saturday,  - 
A night of dancing and drag shows hosted by Janelle No. 5 and featuring a rotating lineup of guest performers, DJs, and gogo dancers.
Fake Nudes event flyer

Fake Nudes @ The Rosemont

Every Saturday,  - 
This long-standing weekly party showcases a new lineup of hosts, performers, and DJs every week, all with classic Brooklyn vibes.
SHUSH event flyer


Every Saturday,  - 
What happens at Hush stays at Hush… but Shush Saturdays is no secret! No cover before midnight!
Fuck! It's a Sunday event flyer

Fuck! It's a Sunday @ Metropolitan

Second Sunday,  - 
Foster presents this disco and drag party with gay church vibes and an open stage for drag performers! No cover.

Upcoming monthly and special events.

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